Discontinuation exemption from VA based on NSIC registration and UCC:

It is informed that GeM has discontinued exemption from Vendor Assessment based on the NSIC certificate and UCC. Hence, it is advised to complete VA or VAE (as applicable in view of the modified Vendor Validation Policy) by the 12th of April 2023 post which your OEM dashboard, if issued based on NSIC and UCC certificate, will be removed. It is suggested to read the new Vendor Validation Policy on GeM.


Now it will become mandatory for all the OEM’s on Gem to Undergo Vendor Assessment without any exemptions. As a Manufacturer one has to undergo Vendor Assessment process which will provide them with access to OEM Dashboard using that they can pre-authorize resellers, Manage the price fixed by their resellers and they can list their own products without any limitations.

We under take Government e-market place registration, Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Vendor assessment process, Uploading products as reseller, Service catalogue and Other Gem related tender assistance work. 

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